• Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (1490-1519)
  • 7 ducat
  • Hall mint

At the request of a client we purchased this extremely rare coin from the period of the rule of Maximilian I. We had been searching for this 7 ducat for 4 years. We had visited a countless number of collector fairs, auctions and private collectors from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Ours was a very attractive specimen, second of its kind in a private collection, in an impeccable condition 1/1 and with its history traced. ( collection Arthur Graf Enzenberg, auction Gilhofer & Ranschburg/Adolph Hess AG, Vienna 1936, number 142 ).

Due to its uniqueness this coin is much searched for by investors and collectors - truly, in 2012 it was sold for ca. 221,400 EUR (price including fees) and in 2014 its price based on supply is estimated at 300,000 EUR.

  • Rudolf II (1552-1612)
  • Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia
  • 3 ducat 1605
  • Prague mint

This 3 ducat from 1605 is a very precious item in the collector's portfolio. Ours is probably the only known specimen in a private collection in an impeccable condition 1/1 and with its history traced (auction number 100 LHS Numismatik Zürich, item number 1267).

In 2007 the coin was sold at an auction for ca. 76,800 CHF (including fees). Its estimated price in 2014 is 120,000 EUR. We believe that the client is very satisfied with this purchase.

  • Ferdinand I (1503-1564)
  • King of Germany (since 1531), Holy Roman Emperor (since 1556), King of Bohemia and Hungary (since 1526) and Austrian archduke
  • square coin with the value of 4 ducats 1529
  • Vienna mint, commemorating the first siege of Vienna

In 2012 we managed to auction this rare square coin, which is probably the only one in private collections. The coin is almost in an impeccable condition and with its origin traced (auction number 90 H. D. Rauch, Vienna, item number 3003).

In 2012 it was auction off for ca. 96,000 EUR (including fees) two years later its price, based on supply, is estimated at as much as 140,000 EUR and Numfil has another satisfied customer.

  • Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein (1583-1634)
  • Bohemian military leader and politician, the head of the Imperial and Catholic League troops during the Thirty Years' War
  • 10 ducat 1631
  • Jičín mint

We managed to buy for our client probably the best preserved specimen of this coin in private collections in a beautiful condition almost 0/0 with its history traced (auction Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG number 239, Osnabrück, item number 6143). We dedicated several months to buy this item but our efforts paid in the end. The coin was auctioned off at ca. 221,400 EUR (including fees).

  • Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius, Roman politician, († 45 BC)
  • Aureus 42-40 BC, the Roman Republic
  • Sicily mint

His was a son of Pompey the Great and together with his brother Gnaeus he continued the fight against Julius Caesar. After the loss of the battle of Munda he retreated to Sicily. He was defeated by Agrippa at the battle of Mylae and at the battle off Naulochus Cape and murdered.

One of the best preserved specimens in the world. Its condition: almost 0/0, minutely decentred. We auctioned the coin in Gorny & Mosch, its estimated price today (2014) is ca. 230,000 EUR.

  • Gaius Antistius Vetus, Roman consul, general and senator during the rule of Augustus
  • Aureus, about 16 BC

An extremely rare collector's item, originally from Gnecchi's collection. Out of the three known specimens only this one is in the private possession of our satisfied client. Condition: beautiful portrait, almost 1/1, with its history traced (Ex Naville III, 1922, Evans, 19 and Glendining 1951, Ryan part IV, 1627 sales). Its estimated price today (2014) is ca. 200,000 EUR.

  • Titus Flavius Domitianus, Roman Emperor from the Flavian dynasty (69-96), ruled from 14th September 81 to 18th September 96
  • Aureus 90-91 AD

A Roman Emperor during whose rule new conflicts with the Senate broke out followed with cruel persecution. Domitianus introduced a network of paid informers and his application of the law concerning the Emperor's majesty surpassed even Nero's persecution. He was also subjected to a similar fate, in September 96 he was murdered by his opponents (led by his wife Domitia).

This coin is a wonderful portrait originally from Biaggi's collection. Not only its private owner appreciates its wonderful condition, exhibiting lustre close to the one right after minting. Its estimated price today (2014) is ca. 80,000 EUR.

  • Marcus Opellius Macrinus, Roman Emperor ruling only from 11th August 217 to 8th June 218
  • Aureus January - June 218 AD

Macrinus was active in Rome as a barrister and belonged to the protégés of Plautianus, the powerful Prefect Commander of the Praetorian Guard. After his murder in 205 AD he took posts in various offices at the end of Severus' rule until 212 AD when the Emperor Caracalla appointed him one of the two Prefect Commanders of the Praetorian Guard. With this Macrinus acquired the basis of power which he later used to take over the rule in the empire.

A very rare coin with an attractive portrait, exhibiting lustre close to the one right after minting, and with its origin traced (Ex Hirsch sale 29, 1910, Herzfelder, 1204). Its estimated price today (2014) is ca. 180,000 EUR.