Investments in collectibles
and precious objects

Investments in precious coins, banknotes, stamps and medals will secure the long-term growth of your capital stock and the distribution of risks into tangible assets.

There are several important reasons why it is prudent for investors to consider the distribution of a part of their available resources into precious collectibles.

  • proved growth of the capital stock
  • distribution and reduction of risk - this way of investment is independent of the changes on the financial and commodity markets
  • enhancement of your investment portfolio
  • –great advantage - global clientele from the USA, Europe, Russia, Near East, Japan, China and, recently, Singapore
  • –no payments for maintenance
  • –ideal family treasure and beautiful hobby

proved growth of the capital stock

Rare specimens are highly appreciated due to their
"potential of the increase in value".

The development of prices in key and quality commodities has not stopped in recent years. These specimens are increasing in value in the ratio of as much as 15 % a year.

No fees

You pay no preliminary fees, management fees, government taxes, bank or legal expenses.

Payments for maintenance

Precious specimens can simply be stored and do not generate any fees for the storage and maintenance.


Valuable collections of precious specimens can literally be places in matchbox and transported to any place in the world.


No fines, fees for premature sale or term deposits as is the case with other types of investments.

Ideal family treasure

The value of coins, banknotes, stamps and medals in not ephemeral and they are bound to become an irreplaceable and valuable family treasure that can be passed from one generation to another.

Peaceful mind - without troubles

Investments in precious coins, banknotes, stamps and medals do not require permanent supervision or monitoring. As soon as the transaction is completed, the buyer may safely store the object out of reach and "forget about it".

Our presentation, and collecting coins to invest in China, Hong Kong April 2015