Our services

Collecting requires understanding, time and a partner that shares your interests. It will be an honour for us to build up your collection with you, seek precious specimens and introduce you to the world of professional collecting related to investments.

– Petr Kovaljov, the owner

The history of our company starts in 1998. We prefer individual and personal consulting in our areas of interest based on long-term experience acquired all over the world.

We can offer our clients the following:

  • –arrangement of trade for private persons and institutions (purchase, sale, auctions)
  • –administration of investment portfolio
  • Financial services - an option buying objects in instalments (from ca. 200,000 EUR)
  • –Expert opinions and documents confirming the origin of the goods, protection from forgeries
  • evaluation, purchase or sale of individual specimens or entire collections
  • organisation of exhibitions
  • –global information overview in given areas acquired through years of experience in terms of the entire world, especially on European, American and, recently, Asian markets
  • –personal approach discretion, transparency and security
  • –tradition and reliability

The pillars of our strategy:

  • –Optimising profits and losses
  • –Flexible management
  • –Top-notch experts

We participate at global auctions and trade fairs in the course of buying or selling such precious specimens, which concerns especially globally renowned auction houses in Switzerland, England, Germany, the USA, Denmark, France, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and in Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore).

Every concluded trade with a client takes place on the basis of absolute discretion and with all guarantees. The entire trade is completely transparent and the client can continuously monitor the purchasing process or participate in the calculation of prices for current auctions.

We offer you the creation of a strategy in the building of your investment portfolio.

We can help you to achieve your goals.

See for yourself…