Detail mince: Great Britain George II gold 5 Guineas 1746-LIMA

Great Britain
George II gold 5 Guineas 1746-LIMA AU53 PCGS, KM586.1, S-3665. Decimo Nono edge. Struck from captured Spanish gold mined in Lima, Peru - one of Britain's most popular hallmarked types, and its largest-ever gold denomination. Even cursory inspection will convince the viewer that this piece has been conservatively graded, its detail far sharper than conventional AU53 level; George's portrait is always rather shallow and as such even surface rub can appear as heavier circulation wear. What distinguishes this particular coin is its eye appeal. Whereas even high AU to MS representatives can have somewhat lifeless surfaces, no such fate has befallen the present piece. Its peripheries gleam with reflective luster, a blazing frame for the deep honey toned centers, some slight irregular toning spots present but providing no visual detraction from the superb composition of minimal wear and superlative patina. A perpetually popular type, and a coin which deserves your undue attention for its remarkable aesthetic allure.

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